10-11 NV Student Handbook | 10-11 BELL SCHEDULE | 10-11 DRESS CODE | 10-11 TARDY POLICY


Students may not enter the building until 7:35 a.m., unless given permission to do so by the school administration. Permission will only be granted for tutoring purposes and inclement weather. In the event students are permitted to enter the building due to inclement weather, students must remain in the main lobby area until 7:35 a.m.

Due to student safety and security, students are no longer allowed to begin before school tutoring until 7:15 a.m. Students are only permitted in the hallways before 7:35 a.m. if they are accompanied by a teacher or an administrator.

Ø Once students enter the building they cannot exit the building for any reason, unless they receive permission from a school administrator.
Ø Students who ride buses must enter the building as soon as they arrive on campus.
Ø Loitering in the parking lots and school entrances is not permitted due to student safety.

[7:35] Students may enter the building

[7:35-7:55] Before School Tutoring/Academic Extension
{7:55} Tutoring/Academic Extension Release
{7:58}Warning Bell

[8:00] Tardy Bell

[8:00 – 8:05] Announcements/Pledge of Allegiance

[8:00-9:35] First Period
{9:39} Warning Bell

[9:40 – 11:15] Second Period (Channel One)
{11:19}Warning Bell

[11:20 – 1:25] Third Period w/ Lunch
All students must report directly to their 3rd Period
(11:25 – 11:50) Lunch A |11:55 – 1:25 class|
(11:55 – 12:20) Lunch B |11:20 – 11:50/12:25-1:25 class|
(12:25 – 12:50) Lunch C | 11:20-12:20/12:55-1:25 class|
(12:55 – 1:25) Lunch D |11:20 – 12:55 class|
{1:29}- Warning Bell

[1:30 – 3:05] Fourth Period

[3:20 – 4:45] After-School Tutoring/Athletics

*The NVHS bell schedule may be altered to accommodate instruction, special events, or school activities*