:::> National Board Certified Teachers: (updated Wednesday, December 7, 2011)
Recently, Northern Vance High School received notification that three teachers successfully proved themselves to be accomplished teachers in the classroom by achieving National Board Certification or successfully renewing their NBC credentials.We want to recognize and congratulate the following teachers for this major accomplishment:

Ms. Behar (Career & Technical Education Teacher) (New Certification)
Ms. Campbell (Career & Technical Education Teacher (Renewal)
Ms. Griffin (English Teacher ) (Renewal)
Ms. Behar, Ms. Griffin, and Ms. Campbell join several other Northern Vance High School teachers who are National Board Certified:

Mr. Babchenko (Math Teacher)
Ms. C. Johnson (Science Teacher)
Ms. Powell (School Counselor)

We applaud all of the teachers and their dedication to Northern Vance High School and the teaching profession.